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About Us

Fiesta Piñata is your online source for traditional and custom piñatas!

Our family has enjoyed the piñata tradition for many generations, and we’ve been running our piñata business since 2004. We build handmade, Mexican-style piñatas using both traditional methods and our new computerized design techniques. From family holidays like Birthdays, Weddings, and Graduations, to Corporate Parties and Promotional Events, Fiesta Piñata can create the perfect piñata for any special occasion. Our selection includes many classic designs, but we also offer custom piñatas based on any shape or object you can imagine. The possibilities are endless! Some of our custom piñatas have been featured on popular television shows such as “Trick My Truck”, and “Growing Up Gotti”, among others.


Why buy from FiestaPiñata.com?

There are other piñata companies online, but what sets us apart from the competition can easily be seen in the visual appeal of our piñatas. At Fiesta Piñata, we take the time to ensure that each piñata we send out meets our high standards of quality. Our Piñata Artisans carefully craft each piñata here in the USA, using only child-safe and recyclable materials. The piñatas we make are durable and will not break quickly, allowing everyone to have a turn. We also offer party supplies that can be coordinated by color or theme to take your party to the next level. By ordering from FiestaPiñata.com, you are not only supporting a family-owned and operated business, you are also getting a top-of-the-line piñata that is sure to be a hit at your event!


Contact Information


Direct: 413-888-5028


E-mail: info@fiestapinata.com



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Giant Pinata for the Fiat Car Company is finished!!

Monday, June 06, 2011 3:56 AM



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