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Dalmatian Dog Pinata -Jumbo 48"

  • 101 Dalmatians Dog Pinata

Our Dalmatian Dog Pinata is approximately 4 feet tall and holds 5+ pounds of candy and toy filler.  This pinata would be an excellent addition to any dog or 101 Dalmatians party theme or birthday.  Sorry this pinata does not include candy or toy filler, just a lot of spots, but you can find a great variety on our website.  Our pinatas all include hanging loops and an easy to find hole for filling.  "This time, the magic is real." at your child's party!  Our pinatas are handmade, and are also the largest available online.  Please note that the exact color and pattern of materials used may vary from the image shown.  The Dalmatian Dog Pinata is an EXCLUSIVE design, available only at FiestaPinata.com

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Our No-Damage Guarantee: Your pinata is 100% guaranteed to arrive at your doorstep damage free. If by some chance you receive a damaged pinata please send your claim immediately to our claim department at claims@fiestapinata.com. We'll file a claim with the shipping provider and reship you a replacement pinata. If we can't ship a replacement in time for your party/event, we'll gladly refund your money.

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  1. Pinata Tracking Made Easy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2012

    I created an account during checkout so that I could keep track of the Dalmatian Dog Pinata that I ordered. I logged in to my account yesterday and saw that I would receive my pinata today and it did arrive this morning. :-*

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