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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions


Q. How do I track my order?

A. At the time of checkout please select "create an account" so that you may login after order is placed to track your shipment.


Q. Do you offer shipping overseas?

A. Sorry, not at this time.


Q. Do your pinatas come pre-filled with candy?

A. Our pinatas are sold unfilled unless you select the option to have the pinata pre-filled before checking out. Make sure you also purchase the candy/toy filler of your choice otherwise your pinata will arrive empty.


Q. How much candy will my pinata hold?

A. A pinata's filler capacity depends upon the pinata's size normally. Our Mini 16" pinatas hold approximately 1-lb of filler while our jumbo pinatas hold 5+lbs. of pinata filler.


Q. Do you offer wholesale pricing or bulk ordering?

A. Yes, please send your company or personal contact information to info@fiestapinata.com or use our online form and a sales representative will contact you shortly.


Custom Pinatas


Q. How long do custom pinatas take?

A. 1-2 weeks for us to create your pinata and allow extra time for delivery and/or delays. If your pinata is delayed longer than normal we will refund your money and assume the loss.


Q. Can I return my custom pinata?

A. There are no returns on custom pinatas unless one of the following takes place:

  1. Your pinata is damaged upon arrival

  2. Your pinata is delayed longer than normal due to our error


The Pinata Game


Q. How do I fill my pinata?

A. Please visit our "How to fill your pinata" page.


Q. How do I play the pinata game?

A. Please visit our "How to play the pinata game" page.

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