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How to make a pinata

How to make a pinata

Making a Mini Traditional Mexican Star Pinata

by Nicole White




Materials Needed

  1. 2 Cups of Flour

  2. 3 Cups of Water

  3. Cardboard or cardboard box

  4. Newspaper

  5. Tissue paper any color of your choice

  6. Scissors

  7. Scotch tape

  8. 3' of rope or you favorite colored ribbon

  9. Download and printout of Pinata Star Pattern


Step 1. Setting up your work space


You'll need a decent amount of counter or table space for this project. Things can also get kinda messy when making your pinata so we recommend using a painters drop cloth before starting this project.


Step 2. Preparing the your paper mache paste


In a small to medium sauce pan bring 2-cups of flour and 3-cups of water to a boil stirring frequently. Let cool, then its ready to use as paste for papering your pinata.


Step 3. Cutting out your pinata star template


First, download our star pinata template (PDF) and print it out on regular copy paper. Place the template printout on to a flat piece of card board or flatten cardboard box and then take your scissors and proceed to cutout. Your should have 2 star shaped cut outs, one for the front and the other for the back of your star pinata.


Step 4. Building the body


Fold your pinata star along the dashed lines and tape the two side together using scotch tape where needed. Use minimal tape, just enough to hold your pinata's form together. Step Six, the paper mache step is where your pinata is going get its strength, so be conservative with the tape.


Step 5. Adding a string to hang your pinata


Cut your hanging rope or ribbon 3' feet in length and make a few knots on one end of the string to keep it from pulling threw the designated cardboard hole. Pull the rope/ribbon threw the hole as seen below.


Step 6. Paper mache your pinata star


Take the newspaper and by hand tear each page into 8ths. The tears don't have to be perfect, but just needs to be the right size for the size pinata your are creating. Then take one of your newlely torn pieces of newspaer and cover it with the paper mache paste that you made ealier. The paste should of cooled down enough for use by now. Then place the pasty strip of news paper onto the cardboard body of your pinata. Repeat this step until completely covered. 2 or 3 layers of news paper is recommended for durability and strength.


Step 7. Let your pinata dry


Let dry your paper mache pinata dry in the sun if possible, this could take the better part of the day and sometimes a full day depending on the drying conditions.


Step 8. Tissue papering your pinata


Take your tissue paper and cut multiple sheets into 2-1/2” wide strips. Don't cut to many sheets at one time because the tissue will be hard to hold together while cutting your strips. Use a paper clip at the end of each stack to hold them together. Then after cutting your 2-1/2” strips of tissue paper, take one stack of strips and with your scissors cut 1-1/2” long strips leaving ¼” between each cut as shown below. After completing all cuts, curl the ends of the tissue paper with you hands. This step is important and helps to give you tissue paper body.


To apply the tissue paper to your pinata body, dip just your finger tips into the paste and take one strip of tissue paper and slid the past along the uncut edge of the strip. The starting at the tip of the star, wrap the tissue paper around as seen below. Repeat this step working your way towards the center of the star. Do this for each arm until all 5 arms of your pinata star are covered with tissue and you are no longer able to see the newspaper below.


Step 9. Let your pinata dry


Then let dry your pinata dry once again, preferably outside in the sun. And now you've just completed your pinata!


Step 10. Filling your pinata with can


With you index finger press the candy filling tab that you cut out earlier when making the cardboard body. Load with as mach candy as possible. And that's it you have just created you first Traditional Mexican Pinata. These make great gifts or just keep as a decoration.


Step 11. Playing the pinata game.


For playing the pinata game see our "How to play the pinata game" page.


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