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Our Pinatas

There's nothing like a Fiesta Pinata Pinata. Whether it's visual appeal, the earth and child safe materials used in their construction, or their durability, our quality pinatas remain unmatched in almost every way. We are even leading the way in pinata manufacturing using the latest technologies such as CNC s and C.A.D. for some of our more elaborate designs. These computer designed pinatas are usually for Corporate Parties and Promotional Events where accuracy is critical as well as consistency with the larger bulk orders. 90% of the pinatas we create are still traditionally hand made by our pinata artisans, using techniques handed down from generation to generation and we'll always offer traditional hand made Mexican pinatas well into the future. Our products are also very Eco-Friendly, using recycled materials that are both environmentally safe as well as child safe. In using these recycled material we build pinatas that are durable, lasting longer then those made by the competition. Why does this matter? Well, we believe that the durability of a pinata allows for every one participating in playing the pinata game is ensured a turn which makes the pinata game much more memorable for everyone. We even have features to make experiencing the pinata tradition even easier like an “easy fill tab” that allows for easy filling of your favorite pinata candies and pinata toy favors.


Our pinatas...

  • Can be made in any size, color or type
  • have more visual appeal then those made by the competition
  • in some case use the latest computer technologies to create most accurate design and consistency
  • use recyclable Eco-friendly and child friendly materials only.
  • feature an “easy fill tab”
  • are more durable and last longer than any of the other pinatas sold online today.


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