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Types of Pinatas

traditional-pinatas.jpgThe Original Traditional Pinatas

Traditional pinatas where decorated clay pots and normally filled with fruit. Some early designs included a seven pointed star that represented the seven deadly sins. For more on the pinata history go to our pinata history page.






todays-pinatas.jpgToday's Pinata

Made mostly from newspaper and paper mache paste, today's pinatas have bright tissue paper decorating the exterior while filled with candy and toy favors on the inside. A Pinata Buster, or bat, is used by a blindfolded contestant to break the pinata open exposing the candy to the crowd that's standing by in anticipation.






pull-string-pinatas.jpgPull String Pinatas

Pull-string pinatas and the pull-string pinata game came around as a safer game for the younger kids to enjoy. The pull-0string pinata has multiple string hanging down beneath the pinata, which to is suspended up high from a tree or pole. The object is to allow the kids to run all in at one time trying to pull the one string that is mounted to a trap door. Pulling the right string means opening the trap door and spilling out the candy filling that's inside. Click here to view our pull-string pinatas.






portrait-pinatas-2.jpgPortrait Pinatas

Our pinata artisans came up "Portrait Pinatas" back in '03 to meet the needs of our customers. Customer often ordered pinatas portraying the birthday boy or girl so we had them email us their photos and we would print them out and apply the birthday person's face to a traditionally made pinata body. The result were awesome and remain one of our most popular custom pinatas today. Click here for more information on Portrait Pinatas.






Talking Pinatas

Talking pinata are pinatas equipped with a small electronic voice box that made the pinata sound everything a participant strikes it with a bat. These are hilarious to listen to and add that something extra to the game that kids love.






promotional-pinatas.jpgPromotional Pinata

Or corporate pinatas are great for promotional events, corporate parties and/or client gifts. These pinatas usually incorporate a company's branding, mascot, products, services or company logo. Click here to for more on Promotional Pinatas






mini-pinatas-2.jpgMini Pinatas

Mini Pinatas are usually 20" or smaller and make great gifts. They are not really used for the traditional Pinata Game due to their size and limited candy filler capacity of 1lbs or less. Click here to view our Mini Pinatas.






Pinata Kits

Pre-made kits that include everything need to build your very own pinata. Materials, templates, instructions are all there. These kits are great for at home projects with the family or in the classroom. Click here more Pinata Kits.

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