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Pinata Game

Pinata Sizes and Filling Capacities

Find the size pinata that's right for your number of players.


How to play the Pinata Game

Here you'll find information on playing both the traditional pinata game and the newer safer pull-string pinata game.


Pinata Game Safety Tips

Everyone loves to play the Pinata Game at parties and events. Here is a list of safety suggestions to make sure your next party is fun and safe.


How to fill your pinata

Having problems filling your pinata with candy? Go to our "How to Fill a Pinata" page to find out how.


How to make a pinata

Learn how to make a pinata from  scratch the traditional way and what materials and tools are needed to do so.


The Pinata Tradition

There's a lot more to the pinata traditional and history then just playing a game. Find the meaning behind the game.


Types of Pinatas

Today there are many different types of pinatas, read about the most common types to ensure that you're getting the right pinata for the party or event.


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Here are some links to websites that we've found to be most helpful relating to our pinata theme.

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