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Pinata Game Safety Tips

Everyone loves to play the Pinata Game at parties and events. Here is a list of safety suggestions to make sure your next party is fun and safe.

  1. Choose the right piñata for your party. If there are going to be too many children to safely play the traditional piñata game, or if the children are very young, consider ordering a pull-string piñata. With a pull-string piñata, children simply pull the strings dangling from the belly of the piñata until a hidden trapdoor releases the candy and treats inside. It’s just as much fun as a traditional piñata but does not require a piñata buster or baseball bat to play.

  2. Consider the placement of your piñata. Usually, a piñata is hung from a tree branch or other sturdy structure. Do you have a great spot to hang your piñata? Is there enough room for people to watch from a safe distance?

  3. Stage the piñata area. Define the area in which the piñata game is to be held. If you are using a driveway or other hard surface, consider outlining the playing area in chalk. If you’re playing on the grass, use masking tape to create a space for the piñata game.

  4. Explain the rules before you play. It’s important to tell everyone to stay back behind the lines you have created with chalk or tape when it’s someone else’s turn to hit the piñata. If you are using a piñata buster or a baseball bat to break open the piñata, be sure to remind the participant not to let go of the bat or stick. Use a whistle to stop players when their turn is over; instruct kids to “freeze” when they hear the whistle blow.

  5. Have fun and be safe! Practice following the rules before playing the game. Let the children count or sing a song to determine the length of each person’s turn. Carefully supervise the piñata game to make sure everyone gets a turn and plays safely.

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